Board of Trustees

The parents of children attending the school elect trustees from their group to administer the school operations as volunteers. This governing board oversees and formulates school policies and budgetary needs, as well as maintains the facility. The trustees are aided on projects by other parents to keep costs as low as possible.

Meet our 2017-2018 Board of Trustees!

Anne Heyden

Vice President
Melissa Rohde

Aubrey Leh

Communications Chair
Erin Mozaffarian

Operations Chair
Erica Bonney

Facilities Chair
Whitney Blickman

Strategic Planning Chair
Andrea Livengood

General Fundraising Chair
Allison Baloglu, Serena Stark (Vice Chair)

Fundraising Chair, Decorations
Taylor Porter, Kristie Hoover (Vice Chair)

Fundraising Chair, Solicitations
Golnar Rahnema, Danielle Nelson (Vice Chair)