Teaching Kindness, at Home and in Preschool

One of the best lessons we can give our children is how to be kind. Teach kindness in life’s lessons big and small, model kindness in all you do, practice kindness in every word and share that with your children. Some days that might be easier than others, but the life long rewards of focusing on kindness are invaluable. In the play based preschool programs at Ross Valley Nursery School we strive each day to create an enriching environment which focuses on teaching the “whole child.” For many this means the heart, head and hands, a common phrase shared by Waldorf schools. You may hear our staff encouraging children to use a kind tone when asking a friend to take a turn, to be mindful of others feelings or respectful of their thoughts. Your preschool age children are only beginning this journey of learning how to care for others, be empathetic and take turns, but these first lessons in kindness are so very important. Have you ever heard the phrase “everything you really need to know you learned in Kindergarten”? Well we believe this goes for preschool children also… “Learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some!” 

We hope this summer that you will take time with your children to see the wonder in the world around us and remember that it is in kindness that we should walk every day.

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