How Children Learn

Children are amazing at soaking up new knowledge thanks in part to their natural curiosity. As stewards of their education parents, teachers and caregivers are often looking for ways to encourage their child’s growth. It helps to understand how a child learns, especially in the early days such as in a preschool environment.  The ways children learn best include:         

  • Children learn by questioning

  • Children learn when their emotional needs are met

  • Children learn by moving

  • Children learn by playing

  • Children learn by being confident

At Ross Valley Nursery School (RVNS) our preschool teachers endeavor on a daily basis to set up a learning environment as well as create learning experiences that directly support these points.  The fun can continue at home as well just by keeping these points in mind when planning (or not planning!) your child’s day.

Looking for a great play based preschool?

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